17 April 2014


"When Keira turned six last month, her aunty and uncle gave her a small disposable camera and a blank album, with a card suggesting she could document her life at six."

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16 April 2014

Alessandro Piangiamore

Alessandro Piangiamore
“A lone peak of high point is a natural focal point in the landscape, something by which both travelers and local orient themselves. In the continuum of landscape, mountains are discontinuity -- culminating in high points, natural barriers, unearthly earth.”

― Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking

15 April 2014

14 April 2014

The Weight of Mountains

The Weight of Mountains from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

This is fascinating!

Six month long pinhole exposures
“The telling and hearing of stories is a bonding ritual that breaks through illusions of separateness and activates a deep sense of our collective interdependence.”

― Annette Simmons

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12 April 2014

Saturday Poem

The fuel for this ravisher unicycle of a world,
Going faster and faster, ever more horsepower,
Is not the president of the United States anymore.
The man on the roof of the car waves his arms.
The butterfly in love lands on fresh tar, tacky goo.
I’m turning into something I wasn’t intending to be—
In agony after the awful metamorphosis
Into a suddenly human being.

Frederick Seidel, from “Autumn Leaves

11 April 2014

Have a beautiful weekend...

...and go see some art, it's good for the soul.

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“Sometimes you find that what is most personal is also what connects you most strongly with others.”

Grace Paley

Emily Proud

Watercolors by Emily Proud

10 April 2014

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Everything's running down

There are some gems in this article on James Lovelock by Stephan Moss for The Guardian...

 "Everything's running down, so enjoy it while you can. It's not a gloomy thought at all. You wouldn't have energy to do things unless things were running down." He is thinking of planets as well as people. "Earth is about as old as me if you look at it in comparative terms. It doesn't have long to go. It could be as little as 100m years, though I think it's more likely to be about 500m. As things age, they become much more vulnerable to disturbance. If someone as old as me gets pneumonia, it'll probably kill me, whereas if you're young you'll shrug it off. It's the same with planets. If there was an asteroid impact as big as the one 65m years ago, it would be quite dodgy. The older a planet gets, the less capable it is of resisting such an event. Life gets more complex and more vulnerable to disturbance."

Shouldn't this news worry us? "Of course it shouldn't worry us. If we [as a species] are still around in 100m years, it would be amazing." He doubts whether anything resembling man will still be around, but even that can't dent his essential optimism. "I don't mind the thought that a hundred progeny from now I'll be unrecognisable," he says. There will, he reassures me, be a bit of us left in whatever emerges, just as the DNA of those first cells from 3bn years ago feature strongly in our own DNA.

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9 April 2014

Last week I traveled back to Winter...


...and I fell in love with a dog named Balto. 

It was MAGIC!!

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Just try to focus on colours

Virgo: This week, your days are going to fill with color, they’re going to fill with warmth and brightness. It’s going to be easy to be dazzled, it’s going to be easy to get lost in all the colors, in all this wild joyful mess. This week you can get lost this week looking for structure, looking for order, looking for sense. Trust your gut and you can feel your way through. Just try to focus on colors, try focus on feelings, try to focus on the ways the sunlight fills up your room.

-- Madame Clairevoyant

7 April 2014

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“If we were doomed to live forever, we would scarcely be aware of the beauty around us.”

Peter Matthiessen

Claire Decet

Paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations  by Claire Decet

How I Would Paint Happiness

Something sudden, a windfall,
a meteor shower. No—
a flowering tree releasing
all its blossoms at once,
and the one standing beneath it
unexpectedly robed in bloom,
transformed into a stranger
too beautiful to touch.

Lisel Mueller, from “Imaginary Paintings.”
Art: Guido Cadorin.

31 March 2014


I'm off to Norway, camera in hand, posting will resume in a week (or so...)

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27 March 2014

Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon prints currently showing at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London.
The colours are incredible.
Go see!